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Huizhou MEIRUITAI Textile Co., Ltd. ---- professional production line. Belt rope manufacturer.

Founded in the spring of 2005, the company has been expanding its business for more than ten years. In mid-2015, the company established the Melitai Textile R&D and Production Base Line Belt Factory in Xiaojinkou Jinyuan Industrial Zone, Huicheng District, Huizhou City. It has more than 200 professional production technicians and is a large line. Belt. One of the rope manufacturers, sewing thread, high-strength thread and Bondi thread. Fish thread, colorful thread, gold and silver scallion thread, adhesive buckle, back-to-back strap, no scratch, sticky ball, mushroom head stamping, hot screen printing, sewing and other special adhesive buckle, ribbon, elastic band, rope and other production enterprises. - - We have semi-automatic and full-automatic production processes, most of the production machinery and equipment from imported textile machines, the main line of products with the entire production process. The basic procedures are as follows: first, the loom will be raw nylon warp belt loom to create embryo belt shape, in the high temperature dyeing equipment will be semi-finished embryo belt dyed into a variety of colors. The tape surface of the tape is first dyed and then curled by a hair lifter and then sized. The hook surface of the tape is sized on the hook surface of the dyed tape. After setting, the Nepal monofilament on the surface of the tape is evenly and properly cut off by an imported hook cutter, and the monofilament is formed with hook adhesion. The germ band is finally divided into all the required width by the imported bar rolling equipment. Then cut off the required length and roll it up. Management: From the beginning to the present, we have been introducing advanced enterprise management system, constantly improving the technical quality of employees and advanced European textile equipment, to ensure the quality of products. The raw materials and basic production technology we use are used in Taiwan and Japan, where the industry has advanced technology and experience. All raw materials and dyes are approved by the international (EU) standards, low toxicity (not containing six toxic qualities) (not containing Azo) standards. In recent years, we have improved the quality of production and marketing chain service, products have achieved a certain degree of domestic strength, and exported to East Asia, West Asia, Europe and the United States, quality and price is our main advantage.

The textile raw material industry has shown a remarkable development momentum in recent years. Enterprises in various countries regard China as the main purchasing center of textile raw materials. It is the fastest growing huge market in the future and has stepped up the pace of entering the global market. We are also constantly improving our competitiveness to improve, update, and develop a variety of Velcro products in the domestic market. In terms of sales - - we think it is necessary to establish a stronger and more stable sales and service system, strengthen the market information closely linked to the operation of relations, and through more effective advertising input, to achieve the purpose of brand penetration. In addition, in terms of after-sales service, we improve the quality of our service by providing customer satisfaction requirements and instantly improving customer feedback information to ensure the status of trust among our customers.

"Pursue meticulous service, create quality first" we will always strive to build the best service system for our customers, we sincerely invite you to give us more guidance, to a higher platform.





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