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Shot hook, transparent hook

Injection hook / plastic hook (EASY TAPE) Velcro (plastic hook surface No. 1 fine hook, No. 2 thick hook, No. 3 forward half-bend hook, No. 4 reverse half-bend hook) The raw materials and dyes used in the product are international (EU Standard) recognized, low toxicity and environmental protection (excluding six kinds of toxic substances) (excluding AZO) standards, and the national line with the supervision bureau to achieve the same level of similar products, can be used repeatedly, to develop new products for customers, and Can be packaged according to customer requirements.

Suitable for: disposable blood pressure cuffs, diaper stickers, medical products, grinding discs, toys, sporting goods, etc. Can be matched with: raised cloth, edge cloth, OK cloth is made of polymer and nylon raw materials, the soft surface of the hook surface is ultra-thin, and can be matched with various kinds of gluing soft surface materials (especially sticky cloth) The high-end products in the No. 2 hooked Velcro series are available in both transparent and opaque materials. According to the hook type, the material is ultra-thin, which can be used with various kinds of gluing soft surface materials (especially the gluing cloth). It is a high-end product in the Velcro series. It has two materials: transparent and opaque: plastic. Shot hook, plastic hook, plastic Velcro hook

2. The hook hair bite is only 1mm (the traditional hook surface is about 2-3mm).

3. New plastic injection hooks, plastic hooks, plastic Velcro hooks are less likely to be hooked, hooks are meticulous, and the appearance of the garment sewing seam is good.

4. Can be used with reverse printing to enhance the brand image and achieve the overall effect of the product.

5. In addition to the traditional sewing, it can be combined with the high-frequency compression of the mold to improve the product's delicateness.

1. Weaving with nylon single yarn. 1. Continuous injection molding, stable quality and precision.

2. The crochet bite thickness is 3.3mm, which is less dense. 2. The hook type is fine, the horizontal pulling force is strong, and the bite is dense.

3. The processing edge is easy to take off the yarn, and the cloth edge is not neat. 3. Free sewing and high frequency pressing can create different shapes.

4. Suitable for application industry categories: cars, garments, backpacks, shoes and clothing, medical equipment.

5. Shot hook stickers are often used in baby products and medical supplies, without skin damage, and the characteristics are gentle and gentle!





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